About Me

I'm Tessa, a 22 year old currently living in the southern US. These are my post-college, pre-whatever-comes-next musings, opinions, recipes, crafts, finds and ideas.

I was born in Ohio, but spent my childhood in East Bay San Francisco, the most beautiful city in the world. My parents are artists, teachers, and world-travelers, so my childhood was a little unconventional. I was home schooled, along with my two younger siblings, and we were raised all over the place with Northern California as our home base.

When I was 13 my family moved to Jackson, Mississippi. NONE of my experiences thus far could have equipped me for the culture shock of living permanently in the deep south. My parents got real jobs, and I started college early a few years later. I've now graduated with a degree in Social Work and Theatre (trust me, I know I'll never make any money, they've all told me) and now I'm currently using neither degree in any official capacity =)

I work part time as a nanny for the greatest kids on earth, and part time on my Etsy shop.

About the blog:

I'm definitely a product of my generation - my attention span doesn't last for long. I could never maintain a blog about just one thing, I don't have the passion or the stamina! So herein you'll find lots of different posts about things that are currently occupying my mind.

I try to do a post about each of the following things about once a week:

-Book/Movie Review
-Etsy Treasury

This blog is my hobby, I really love networking with other people who share my interests, and I've found that this is an awesome way to do it! I don't claim any great expertise, I'm just sharing my adventures and hoping that you enjoy following along.

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  1. Whoa. I think we might be the same person! Hey Tessa, I'm Jess. You just got a new follower! :)