Friday, January 10, 2014

Looking Back and Looking Forward

Last year my resolutions were simple, and I did okay with them. This year I'm hoping to mix it up a little with some fun goals and plans that I can look forward to in 2014. Here's a few things I was up to this past year that I'm happy about:

Reading Challenge

I'm really proud of this one, you guys. I barely squeaked by (you do not even know how many pages I powered through the last week of December) but it was a really good feeling to have set a difficult goal and completed it. 

Shows, movies, games, concerts…

-NYC adventure with a few great Broadway shows
-Sister trip to NOLA for a Matt Nathanson concert
-A roller derby bout right here in good ole Jackson town
-Countless awesome movies with my favorite people

2013 rocked for going out and hanging out, and I hope that continues for this year!

New Jobs and Skills

I started working at an awesome bar in July, and it has been completely rad! I've learned a whole ton on the job and off (like breathing fire, no big deal, I'm awesome) and met some seriously fantastic people. I've cut down my hours a bit, but I'm looking forward to hanging at the Apothecary in 2014 weather I'm on the clock or not!

Now I'm setting a few goals for 2014, and trying for a good mix of fun, serious, simple, and extravagant.

This Year:

1. Repeat my reading challenge with 52 books, but with a better plan! I read way too many books I didn't like last year because they were just sitting around or on sale or something. I'm working on a list of books that have great reviews, or hight praise from people I trust. Please hit me up with any recs!
2. Learn to play the guitar (or at least just start some lessons!)
3. Follow a new recipe every week (I've got my roommate AE on board with me for this one). Please send me some easy recipes, I'm no expert but I really want to get better at cooking.
4. Do at least three 5ks or the like, throughout the year. Color Run, etc.
5. Repeat my $10 savings plan (saving every 10 dollar bill that comes into my possession). Last year I saved eighty three 10s! So that's $820 I have to spend on something fun this year, I'm thinking I'm going to put it toward:
6. Going to Comic Con. No, seriously, I really really want to go to San Diego this July for some great times. Anyone in?
7. No smoking. I'm not a serious smoker by any means but I really want to go 365 days without it.
8. Blog a consistent 5 days/week.
9. See all the movies that are nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards this year.
10. Do better in Fantasy Football. I came in fourth in my league this year. By less than 2 point. Not cool, guys. Not cool.


  1. How fun! I know you're gonna rock it this year! xo

  2. good list! I have been trying new recipes every week and absolutely love it. Check out my blog for recipes on my foodie friday posts. I also want to read more this year so any recommendations from books you read last year would be greatly appreciated!