Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Layered Tights - Copy Cat Closet

Our Copy Cat Challenge this week was to try and capture our personal style in an outfit. I chose a church outfit because that's the main time I'm dressing my best! I work as a nanny so you'll usually find me in colored jeans and a cute blouse - it's not practical to wear a dress when I'm rolling around on the floor with the kids all day. 

My 'signature look' is pretty simple. I like black/grey and jewel tones and classic silhouettes. I love accessories like tights, belts and scarves more than jewelry - besides earrings! I love earrings. I have 10 ear piercings.

Dress - Old Navy
Belt - Target
Scarf - Handmade
Tights - Target and JC Penny
Shoes - Target
Earrings - Etsy

One unique look I love and wear all the time is layered tights. I have a really big tights collection and I love mixing and matching my lace/fishnets with solid colors underneath. Here's another example of that.

I've added a Copy Cat Board to my Pinterest page. Check it out for brainstorming ideas for the weekly challenge!

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pleated poppy

the Grant life 

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  1. Very nice and so much talent with that scarf! Blog Hopping from Two Thirty Five - have a fantastical weekend and don't forget to "Spring Ahead" an hour on Saturday night!