Sunday, March 3, 2013

Evanora's Manicure from Oz The Great and Powerful

Evanora's Nails from Oz: The Great and Powerful Manicure

Hey readers! I'm excited to present my first of several 'Oz' related manicures. In honor of the movie coming out this week, I've created some fun, Emerald City themed manis! This first one is a simple tutorial on how to achieve the look that Rachel Weiz's character has in the movie. 

I started off with a coat of Sally Hansen 'Shall We Dance'. The difference between the color on my nail beds and nail tips is really stark, so I evened it out with this nice light pink neutral. 

I then used painters tape to mark off the elongated triangle shape on my nails. Make sure you get the wide base, about the size of the half moon on your nail bed.

I've tried a lot of different things to do nail design, and I've found that painters tape works the best! Scotch tape will do in a pinch, but I've found that it sometimes takes off the undercoat of polish which is no good for manis like this with a base coat.

For the green I used Ulta's 'Envy' and it turned out great. Here is an awesome blog post about similar polish colors you can try. You might already have one in your collection! I've read that  emerald green is going to be a big nail color trend this year, so it's worth investing in if you don't!

I went with two coats of the green and it was plenty to get a solid green color. If you really want that raised look you might want to do three or even four thin coats, but I was in a hurry to see how it turned out. Pretty well, I must say! This picture is pre-top coat, which shows how the polish is raised a bit. It definitely smoothed out once a top coat was added.

I love how the emerald green reflects the light! 

Stay tuned for next Monday's manicure, you might just get a glimpse of a good witch this time.


  1. Love the idea for this manicure! I can't wait for the movie!

  2. Cute nails! Great idea to use painters tape!

    Thank you so much for linking up to Makeup Monday!
    I hope you will be back again next week!