Friday, March 1, 2013

Beautiful Creatures - 52 Books in 52 Weeks

2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
Tessa has read 9 books toward her goal of 52 books.

Thanks for tuning into another segment of my self-imposed challenge to read one book per week this year. I'm tracking my progress on Goodreads, an awesome website that you should definitely check out, and maybe start your own reading challenge!

I really only started this because:
 I heard from someone that it was a fun and enjoyable read. That someone was wrong. The plot was kind of a gender-reverse-Twilight, with witches instead of vampires, set in a really stereotypical version of small town South Carolina. It's heartbreaking to read 500+ pages and look back and realize that basically nothing happened. Extremely repetitive writing, and the main characters were very flat and not believable in the slightest. The thing that bugged me most was how 90% of the book was spent describing this tediously detailed world with all these specific rules - none of which actually held true in the final chapters. 

I really only finished this because:
 I had plans to see the movie. And I hate not finishing books. 

This is hopefully the last time I'll let someone convince me to read a teen supernatural romance, but it seems I'll never learn!

1/5 Stars

(On another note, the movie was not too bad! There were really clever moments in the screenplay. However, basically anything good that happened onscreen was a deviation from the novel. Plus who can say no to Jeremy Irons. Yum!)

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