Friday, June 22, 2012

16 Ways to Wear the Le Sac Dress - Fashion Friday

Le Sac Dress! Oh, how I love you. So many ways to be worn, and so much fun to mess around with. My lovely sister Emma (seriously, how cute is she?) agreed to model a bunch of different ways to wear this amazingly versatile garment. I own two versions, Teal/Black and Grey/Black, but for the last few pictures we substituted a pretty brown scarf for the black strap. 









We had way too much fun with this shoot! Emma is super adorable and obviously looks fabulous (but short little me can get away with wearing it as a dress without flashing all that leg!) Her favorite is #11, but I think I like #2 best. How cute would that be over jeans?

Here are some of the websites I found for Le Sac inspiration (the rest were made up by Emma and I):

(and of course) YouTube 

Next step, DIY Le Sac. I've seen a bunch of tutorials for this floating around Pinterest, so I'm going to have to track down some (or a bunch of) fabric and whip up one or two or five of these for myself!

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  1. What a flexible dress! There's definitely some cute looks. Lol, I'm not short though, so I'd need to have a longer one, I think.:)